CASA Lib AS3 Release 1.4.1

Written by Aaron Clinger on October 10th, 2011

We have released a new version of CASA Lib for ActionScript 3. This release addresses changes in Flash Player 11, and also includes three small fixes.

One of the major changes in Flash Player 11 is the addition of removeChildren to DisplayObjectContainer. CASA veterans know that CASA has contained removeChildren since 2009!

Adobe’s implementation of removeChildren differs from CASA’s as it doesn’t call destroy on the children, nor does it provide an option to recursively remove children’s children. We suggest that you continue to use CASA’s implementation instead of Adobe’s.

As CASA’s version is still applicable, we’ve renamed our methods to removeAllChildren to be compatible with FP 11. This change will require some changes in your previous applications if you want to use this release. We strive to make all CASA releases backwards compatible, but Adobe’s changes prevent us from doing so with this release.

Change Log

  • Renamed removedChildren and removeChildrenAndDestroy to removedAllChildren and removeAllChildrenAndDestroy to allow compatibility with Flash Player 11. Thanks to David Pett and Thomas Nesse.
  • Updated prevent cache to use a timestamp for cache prevention. Thanks to Tobias Artz for the suggestion.
  • GroupLoad now dispatches a NetStatusEvent event if a video errors while the group is loading.
  • Fixed an issue with toTitleCase in StringUtil where it would not work correctly if an uppercase string was provided.

1.4.1 Downloads & Documentation


Please note: We advise you to only use the latest release links. This way you can be assured that the version you are getting is the most up to date. We provide links to specific versions to be used in cases of forward compatibility issues.


Written by Reegan on October 28th, 2011

There’s nothing like the relief of fnidnig what you’re looking for.

Written by Kirill on October 31st, 2011

I don’t find a project bugtracker, so I’ll write about my problem here:
VideoInfoEvent.META_DATA doesn’t occur.

Written by Aaron on October 31st, 2011

Hi Kirill,

The meta data event is working for us with the following code:

package {
  import org.casalib.display.CasaMovieClip;
  import org.casalib.load.VideoLoad;
  public class MyExample extends CasaMovieClip {
      protected var _videoLoad:VideoLoad;
      public function MyExample() {
        this._videoLoad = new VideoLoad(“test.flv”);
        this._videoLoad.pauseStart = true;
        this._videoLoad.addEventListener(VideoInfoEvent.META_DATA , this._onMetaData);
        this._videoLoad.addEventListener(VideoLoadEvent.BUFFERED, this._onBuffered);
      protected function _onMetaData(e:VideoInfoEvent):void {
      protected function _onBuffered(e:VideoLoadEvent):void {

I’ve often had issues with meta data on FLVs that weren’t properly encoded to include the data. Please give the above code a try, and try it with a few FLVs. If you’re still having trouble, please let us know.

Written by Wayne Hornak on April 7th, 2012

I am using the Tooltip from and if utilizing the CasaSimpleButton.destroy() method the tooltip disposal fails.  Do you have any suggestion on a tooltip that functions well with your library in this manor?

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