CASA Lib AS3 Release 1.4.0

Written by Aaron Clinger on June 17th, 2011

We are happy to announce a new release of CASA Lib for ActionScript 3. The focus of this release was refinement, but we included a number of new features as well. See the change log below for the details. Special thanks goes to Jon Adams for his continued work on CASA Lib.

We have also published new documentation exported by the recently updated VisDoc. If you’re not familiar with VisDoc, we urge you to check it out.

Lastly, we wanted to publicly address a few questions we are often asked:

The first question we are asked is why there is such a long period of time between releases. The time between releases is spent testing each line of the code that is released. A lot of time is also spent on documentation; we take pride and making sure each function is described and clear examples are provided. We also use the pre-release version on a number of our client projects which go through professional QA before stamping a final release. That isn’t to say each release is flawless (we’re human), but we want to be as confident as we can that each release is production ready.

We are often asked a couple questions: Why doesn’t CASA Lib contain feature X? What is the scope of CASA Lib? In short, we designed CASA Lib as a foundation for building your projects—it was never intended to be a codebase that tries to do everything or dictates a framework. We often use CASA Lib in conjunction with many of the other great libraries and frameworks out there. We try to add features that are generic enough to be frequently used and can be easily built upon. We hope the library is versatile enough to be used on any Flash project, and that you find it as helpful as we do.

Change Log

  • Added isMethod to ObjectUtil.
  • Removed a cross-class constant initializer from StageEventProxy until Adobe fixes the issue.
  • Fixed edge bug with VideoLoad that is only present in Flash Player
  • Fixed a bug in Stopwatch. Reported by Tim Walling.
  • Fixed a bug in DateUtil. Reported by David Pett.
  • Added flipRectangle, randomlyPlacePoint, and randomlyPlaceRectangle to GeomUtil.
  • Added children getter to CasaMovieClip and CasaSprite.
  • Added multiton to SingletonUtil.
  • Added spell and formatCurrency to NumberUtil.
  • Optimized format in NumberUtil and rearranged the arguments to be move convenient.
  • Updated NumberUtil‘s randomIntegerWithinRange so it returns a more evenly distributed random value.
  • Added isAge to ValidationUtil.
  • Added pluralize to StringUtil.
  • Updated StringUtil‘s autoLink to use an updated RegEx for improved URL matching.
  • Added normalizeDegree and distanceBetweenDegrees to GeomUtil.
  • Added getChildByNameRecursive to DisplayObjectUtil.
  • Added targetCoordinateSpace to alignment methods in AlignUtil. This means that no matter how many levels deep a Display Object in the display hierarchy tree it will align to the target coordinate space.
  • Updated AlignUtil so it only aligns the properties selected.
  • Updated Inactivity class to detect mouse wheel and clicks.
  • Fixed typo in Error thrown by DrawUtil‘s drawPath.
  • Removed unneeded code from CasaShape.
  • Made a private function protected inside of the UrlVariablesUtil class.
  • Updated documentation to address typos, and add more examples and clarification.

1.4.0 Downloads & Documentation


Please note: We advise you to only use the latest release links. This way you can be assured that the version you are getting is the most up to date. We provide links to specific versions to be used in cases of forward compatibility issues.


Written by Zero Style on June 17th, 2011

Awesome! Everything looks solid, keep up the good work.

Written by JoH on June 17th, 2011

Thanks, this lib is awesome. Excellent work.

Written by Pedram on June 17th, 2011

honestly many years ago CASA was the best library that I knew
have fun dudes

Written by Dennis on June 22nd, 2011

Thanks alot for all your effort

Written by Harry on July 19th, 2011

You guys are so brilliant, thanks for the great work!

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