AS2 Release 1.5.0

Written by Aaron Clinger on December 3rd, 2008

After almost a year we have finally released an update to the AS2 version of CASA Lib. The biggest change is in the name. Going forward CASA Framework will be named CASA Lib. Other changes include minor additions to the API, updated documentation and a few bug fixes.

This release will most likely be the last improvement release for the AS2 branch. We will remain committed to fixing any bugs or documentation errors that may arise, but will be spending the majority of our efforts on the ActionScript 3.0 version of CASA Lib. We feel that CASA Lib ActionScript 2.0 is very mature and in a good solid place.

Change Log

  • Renamed from CASA Framework to CASA lib. Main package is now org.casalib.*.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Fixed possible bug in DrawUtil where if the target has a set/get for width that value was used instead of the defined rectangle.
  • Updated Inactivity class to properly remove all events when destroyed.
  • Updated DistributionCollection to dispatch an event when positioning items.
  • Added getItems method to DistributionCollection.
  • Made instance name optional for MovieClipUtil’s attachMovie and attachMovieRegisterClass. Methods will use linkageId for instance name.
  • Added static isDown method to EventMouse to determine if mouse button is pressed without creating an instance.
  • Fixed error in Range’s contains method.
  • Fixed a mistake in ObjectUtil’s isEmpty method that caused invalid detections.
  • Added methods overlap and contains to Range class.
  • Fixed bug where isPrime wouldn’t detect 2 as a prime number.

1.5.0 Downloads & Documentation


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