About CASA Lib

CASA Lib (formerly CASA Framework) was created by Aaron Clinger in 2005 and released publicly in January 2007. Its original aim was to be flexible enough for use across the diverse types of projects encountered in the advertising industry.

In 2006 Aaron joined Odopod, a digital design studio in San Francisco. The studio supported CASA Lib by dedicating company time to its development. While at Odopod, Aaron met coworker Mike Creighton, who quickly became CASA Lib’s co-lead. Aaron is now a partner and founder of Proto.

Since its original release, CASA Lib has been heavily supported by community feedback, bug reports and code contributions. All code authors have been credited in the ActionScript classes to which they contributed.

CASA Lib is released under a BSD license. It can be used freely for any open source or commercial works.

You can contact Aaron at